ProBilling Office Closure

ProBilling & Funding Service will be closed on Monday, September 7th in observance of the Labor Day Holiday. We will not have outgoing wires or ACH on this day. You may send in your deposit schedule on this day, but processing for funding will not occur until Tuesday, September 8th .

Please use the ProBilling ClientWeb for Sales Authorizations and Customer Account Inquiries. ClientWeb is available 24/7 and you may access the website at

A Message Regarding COVID-19

We understand the last several months have been full of confusion for you during this unprecedented time. We all have had to learn ways to adapt our business to work with the challenges that have been put in front of us.

ProBilling and Funding Service has created several programs that can be easily implemented to improve the cash flow in your business now using your accounts receivable. We have developed a short turnaround time approval process and a special lower rate structure to fund your day to day operations right now. Business lines of credit can become inflexible and have a lengthy turnaround time for approval. Once we receive your application package, our turnaround is roughly seven business days.

We understand that some of your working conditions may have changed or been modified due to COVID-19. Some of you are working remotely while others are taking proper precautions and keeping your business operating. We want make sure you have the proper tools and information from ProBilling in order to stay safe and productive.

We offer an online portal, CustomerWeb where you will have access to view a current statement of transactions, invoice images (if available) and the option to pay by credit card (Visa and Mastercard are accepted.  Applicable Fees Apply.)  This online tool is available 24-hours a day and is a great resource for our customers. If you have not yet requested access to CustomerWeb, click on “Pay Now”and request access by filling out the online form on the page.

As a reminder, ProBilling offers the following payment options:

Check / ACH / Wire / Check by Phone / Credit Card

We want you to succeed. Please reach out to us to see how we can help you. With any needs or requests, please contact us at 844.277.6237

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When you join ProBilling, we’ll assign a team member to be your dedicated account rep and come to your business to provide your AR department with in-depth, on-site training. You’ll have access to next-day funding anytime you have new invoices to submit.

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