Invoice Factoring Services

ProBilling and Funding Service helps businesses like yours leverage their unpaid accounts receivable to generate immediate cash when they need it through Invoice Factoring. We work with companies across the United States that offer 30, 60, or 90-day invoices. While extending credit to your customers is a great way to increase sales, it usually means you have to wait for several weeks or months to receive payment from your clients. Meanwhile, you have real needs that require cash flow, such as:

  • Restocking inventory
  • Paying employee wages
  • Covering general overhead
  • Paying your vendors
  • Fueling your trucks
  • Purchasing equipment

ProBilling can provide you with a steady stream of cash flow through Invoice Factoring!

How Invoice Factoring Works

Instead of waiting for slow-paying clients to pay their bills, you can submit your outstanding invoices to ProBilling, and we’ll pay you cash for your receivables within 24-hours. ProBilling will take over many of the Accounts Receivable responsibilities of your business. Our team will work alongside your finance department, sending statements, handling collections, and processing payments.

Getting paid is simple

  1. Submit your receivables in just a few minutes.
  2. We’ll process your invoices ASAP.
  3. You’ll get paid in cash via direct deposit within 24-hours.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to meet your company’s unique needs. We offer two types of programs tailored to fit any business model or industry: Recourse and Non-Recourse.


With recourse services, your company is liable for uncollectible invoices. When you submit new invoices, ProBilling will pay you a high percentage of your receivables and withhold a small portion until your clients have all paid. Once final payment is made, we’ll release the remainder of your invoice amount, less our factoring fee.

This option is best for certain business models, including transportation, manufacturing, and professional services.


Non-recourse factoring means your business is not liable for any uncollectible invoices. We will pay you in-full for your invoices upfront, subtracting our factoring fee. No percentage is withheld for any period.

Companies that work well with this solution are truck/automotive parts and service operations, heavy equipment services, and industrial services.

Why Business Choose To Factor Their Invoice With ProBilling


Typically, when you make a sale to your customer, you will enter it on your books and wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. Instead, submit your invoice to us, and we will fund you within 24-hours of receiving it.


ProBilling is a highly customizable, full-service billing solution for any business. We handle all aspects of your accounts receivable process, including collections, custom branded statements, and online capabilities for both you and your customers.


Using ProBilling is a better option for your business. Traditional funding sources, such as a line of credit, are restrictive and require extensive work to increase your credit limit. Instead, ProBilling grows with you and provides a flexible funding source for the future while not incurring any debt.

Private-Label Service

Without a doubt, the feature that sets ProBilling apart from other Invoice Factoring Companies is our white-label credit option. Other factoring companies bill your clients directly using their own company name and logo when they send out invoices or provide other services. That means, when your customer gets a bill, it won’t be from you but from the factor. This not only confuses many customers but also makes your business appear unprofessional and may cause you to lose credibility with your customers.

That’s why ProBilling offers private labeling on our documents, forms, and service, all custom-branded with your name and logo—not ours. You’ll also get a dedicated customer service representative providing you and your customers with quality support.

Industries We Serve

  • Auto, trucking, & heavy equipment dealers
  • Janitorial businesses
  • Manufacturing 
  • Oil & Gas companies 
  • Security guard firms
  • Services Based Businesses 
  • Small businesses & startups
  • Staffing companies 
  • Trucking & Transportation 

The Application Process Is Fast And Easy

  1. Apply in just a few minutes.
  2. We’ll request additional documentation, including tax returns, a list of customer accounts, and some general accounts receivable information.
  3. A customer service representative will be assigned to be your dedicated rep.
  4. We’ll come on-site and do a full day of in-house training with your accounting personnel on how to turn in your invoices, how to use our online portal, how to pull reports, and more.
  5. Once approved by our underwriting department—which usually takes just a few days—you can turn in your first batch of invoices and receive your first payment by the next business day.

Get Started

The PRocess

Applying is fast, easy, and requires minimal paperwork. Start by filling out an application in just a few minutes. We’ll need a few additional documents from you to process your information. The approval process is fast, and we’ll work with you to develop a funding option customized for your business.

When you join ProBilling, we’ll assign a team member to be your dedicated account rep and come to your business to provide your AR department with in-depth, on-site training. You’ll have access to next-day funding anytime you have new invoices to submit.

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