Invoice Factoring for Automotive & Heavy Equipment Parts Dealers

Maximize your company’s efficiency with next-day payouts for your outstanding invoices.

Auto, truck, and heavy equipment dealers rely on ProBilling to deliver immediate cash payments in exchange for their accounts receivable. That's because we offer fast and quality Accounts Receivable Financing services.

If you run an automotive dealership or service company, AR Factoring, also called Invoice Factoring, can provide you with payment for your outstanding invoices within 24-hours for a minimal factor fee.

You can fill out the preliminary application online in 10 minutes and could begin receiving funding as early as next week.



We Service All Auto, Truck, & Heavy Equipment Companies

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Auto Parts Dealers
  • Auto Haulers
  • Truck Dealers
  • Truck Parts Dealers
  • Heavy Equipment Dealers
  • Heavy Equipment Parts & Service
  • Forklift Dealers
  • And more!

How Dealer Factoring Works

When you become ProBilling's client, you get access to next-day payments for your invoices through Invoice Factoring. Factoring is a debt-free solution to getting ongoing, flexible funding. We'll take over your Accounts Receivable logistics, including sending out statements, collecting payments, and processing payments. And because we offer private-label service, all documentation we send to your customers will be branded with your name and logo.


The Benefits Of Dealer Factoring

At ProBilling, invoice factoring doesn't just mean you get paid early

Our clients choose us as their automotive factoring company because of the many benefits we offer them:

  • No setup fee
  • 24-hour funding
  • No debt is incurred
  • Flexible funding that grows with your business
  • Get approval in days, not weeks
  • Flexibility to extend your clients' payment terms
  • High cash advances
  • Low factor fees
  • Private-label service for your customers
  • Dedicated support
  • On-site training with your team


Getting Paid Is Easy!

  1. Send us your Accounts Receivables
  2. We'll process your invoices by the end of the day
  3. You get paid within 24-hours

Let's Get Started!

Begin your online application today and start receiving funds in 10 days or less

The approval process is fast and requires minimal paperwork. If you have any questions about our services, contact us anytime.

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Invoice Factoring vs. Bank Loan

Trying to choose between Invoice Factoring and a Bank Loan? The choice is easy:

Bank Loans

You incur debt
Approval takes weeks or months
Must have excellent credit
Usually a one-time loan
Increasing your credit line is VERY difficult
Must be in business for at least 2 years

Invoice Factoring

Debt-free financing
Approval takes days
We work with all credit situations
Ongoing funding whenever you need it
Flexible funding that grows with your business
We fund small businesses and startups

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The PRocess

Applying is fast, easy, and requires minimal paperwork. Start by filling out an application in just a few minutes. We’ll need a few additional documents from you to process your information. The approval process is fast, and we’ll work with you to develop a funding option customized for your business.

When you join ProBilling, we’ll assign a team member to be your dedicated account rep and come to your business to provide your AR department with in-depth, on-site training. You’ll have access to next-day funding anytime you have new invoices to submit.

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